AccessKey Access Control

Your perfect solution for managable
access to doors, gates, and more
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How it works

AccessKey provides environments such as Co-Working / Co-Living / SmartCity with a cloud based management of real time access of users and customers

Bluetooth enabled system, controls a variety of devices
(doors/gates, etc)


Easily installed
dedicated controllers


A free mobile app for the end users
(Android & IOS)


Option to embed
into the client’s app (SDK)


  • Opens every door/gate/compatible_device from the mobile app
  • The ability to open multiple locks (doors/gates, etc)
  • The users have an interface that enables them to open devices according to the permissions granted by the admin
  • No need for a card or a chip
  • Works without internet connection - good for “no-signal” areas
(Uses BT, access updates are pushed when connected to the internet)


Can control access levels for each user/lock (door/gate/other)
  • General access
  • Limited time
  • Recurring access (repetitive or on certain dates/hours)


  • The lock’s controllers can’t be accessed remotely
  • Unique encryption for each controller per each access event per each access event
  • No interface available for any user without the proper clearance
  • An option to set the cash time for permission verification
  • Works without internet connection - good for “no-signal” areas (for “no-signal” areas and worker/subscriber termination use-cases)

Give your workers/clients/associates access from their mobile phone

Once you have installed our controllers, you can fully manage and control the access levels and restrictions for the users of your choice.

Installation of conrollers
Set up access levels and permissions
Have your users install the app on their phones